How Should William and Kate Manage the Arrival of Number Two?

Huffington Post features Sigrid Daniel as Parenting Expert commenting on news of the royal pregnancy!


Kate Middleton is pregnant with Number Two. Although Prince George may be the most famous baby in the world, he will need to get used to playing second fiddle to the new baby when it arrives. How should Kate and William handle the leap from one to two children? Huffington Post asked Albone Daniel for their expert opinion.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their second baby, but while Kate may know what to expect when it comes to pregnancy this time around, juggling two children will be a whole new experience.

As NCT points out, finding the opportunity to rest and eat well during pregnancy can be trickier when you’ve already got one child to think about. As a result, the pregnancy can feel far more tiring.

Then there is the first child to think about too. How will Prince George feel when he learns he will soon have a younger brother or sister? How should parents raise the topic with their first children?

We asked three experts for their advice on how best to introduce a second child into the family.

Speaking to HuffPost UK Lifestyle, Sigrid Daniel, co-founder of Albone Daniel, a service for parents and corporates, says: “For some children, finding out they’ll have a sibling can be threatening, while for others it is the fulfillment of a long held daydream.

“As for Prince George, he is too young to understand the full situation. Instead, I’d read some picture books with George about new siblings and babies and gently introduce the concept that way.”

It is inevitable that a second child will need a lot of attention, in the early weeks especially, and working out how to split their time can be difficult for parents.

But Sigrid says couples should not be afraid to ask for help from those around them.

“Any help from a trusted source at this stage in a family’s life is vital as both parents will feel the strain of a growing family. Grandparents can lend a hand by taking the older sibling on special days out, or offering to help in the early days when the baby arrives,” she says.


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