Albone Daniel creates New Blog, Practically Imperfect Parenting, for Glam Family

Albone Daniel are proud to present their new parenting blog, created for Glam Family. Practically Imperfect Parenting ( is the blog for everyone who believes that you can’t have a perfect parenting experience. And if you did, there’d be something going wrong! See our Facebook community, Practically Imperfect Parenting for our latest blog posts […]

Family Time at Center Parcs


  Intergenerational mini breaks can be fraught with intergenerational problems- talk about the sandwich generation issues, Center Parcs deals with it in spades. A recent 4 day break at the newest Center Parcs venue in Woburn Forest with three generations really illustrated how tricky it can be for companies to offer literally something for everyone. […]

The travelling consumer voice

The Italian competition watchdog has fined TripAdvisor €500,000 for not doing enough to prevent fake reviews following a seven month investigation. TripAdvisor are planning to appeal against the decision stating “We firmly believe that TripAdvisor is a force for good, both for consumers and the hospitality industry” As technology becomes ever more personal and available […]

Attachment Theory and Love

holding hands

Last week I was in one of those situations where I was torn between staying on my seat in a seminar and rushing out of the room to urgently spread the word. The subject? Attachment Theory, as first explored by Sir John Bowlby in 1973. Bowlby was a psychologist, psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst and had […]

Stopping emotional contagion- Thomson Airways announces its plans for Family Booths

children at airport

As yet another airline declares its plans for making family travel more comfortable we’re heartened to see that the very specific requirements of families are becoming well and truly acknowledged and acted upon. UK based Thomson Airways have announced that they will be adding ‘Family booths’ to their new 737 MAX aircraft which whilst not […]

Back To School: Learning To “App”


Chances are, most of us raising digital natives have no idea what all this technology stuff looks like “under the bonnet”. Facebook and Google occasionally ask us to update our settings, profiles or other questions – but beyond the page that asks us to verify (again?!) who we are and how we use the platform, […]

How Should William and Kate Manage the Arrival of Number Two?

Huffington Post features Sigrid Daniel as Parenting Expert commenting on news of the royal pregnancy!   Kate Middleton is pregnant with Number Two. Although Prince George may be the most famous baby in the world, he will need to get used to playing second fiddle to the new baby when it arrives. How should Kate […]

Spend some time apart this summer!

cornish houses

Want to know the secret of a good summer break? Spend some time apart from your family and friends. The holiday brochures, TV advertisements, friend’s photos on Facebook and Instagram are all showing families in each other’s pockets, beaming and having a great time aren’t they? But are their stories, the verbal catch up telling […]